New brain surgery

Dr. Majid Reza Farrokhi added that this surgery was possible due to the preparation of a new stereotaxic device and the supply of existing defects, which was provided with the support of the head of the university, deputy director of treatment and medical equipment department.

Referring to the fact that this surgery was done by Dr. Ali Razmekan, he said, during this operation, the installation of the frame on the head of the patient was performed in the neurosurgery department, and then the patient was transferred to CT scan and MRI And imaging with patient specific patient protocol and a frame and a special indicator for CT scan and MRI.

Dr. Farkhi added: In the next step, planning using the StereoNauta software to define the axis of the new coordinates, determine the three-dimensional target coordinates, find the best and most secure trajectory in inserting a biopsy needle (to avoid susceptible and vascular structures). Accepted.

He stated that the patient was then transferred to the operating room and, under general anesthesia, biopsy was performed from a small lesion of the patient's internal capsule area. It should be noted that the possibility of biopsy from such small lesions has not been possible so far. MRI has made this possible.

Dr. Farkhi added: "I hope that in view of the large number of patients in the waiting list for stereotactic biopsy, and also considering the necessity of using the operating room at certain hours, it is possible to provide more room for this operation, allowing other patients to benefit." From this surgery.

In the end, he expressed hope that soon he will perform the first functional brain surgery on psychiatric patients and motor disorders, which is in the region and a country with little history and sometimes unprecedented, in Namazi Hospital.

Brain tumor surgery was performed using endoscopy for the first time in Shiraz

The director of the martyr Dr. Chamran hospital in Shiraz announced that he was undergoing brain tumor surgery using endoscopy for the first time in Shiraz. He said: "This surgery, with the participation of Dr. Abolhasan Faramarzi, a nasal and endoscopic expert in the sinus and felucity of ear diseases, and Dr. Safariyan, Neurosurgeon, performed.

Hamid Panahian, pointing out that the Chamran martyr Hospital was leading such an operation, added: "The surgery lasted about 3 hours and hopefully in the future, by doing this, we will take more effective steps toward less complicated surgical procedures." Be patient.

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