About Us

About Us

The Center for "Neuromodulation and Pain" is the first private research center for clinical and basic neuroscience in Iran. This research center is based on the successful experience of launching subspecialty neuromodulation surgeries for the first time and uniquely in the region, by a group of specialists in various fields including neurosurgery, neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry, radiology, physics and engineering, rehabilitation and other related fields. Since its establishment in 2018, the center strives to promote neuromodulation therapeutic services in an international scale, to advance research projects in this field.

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Psychosurgery in major depressive disorder

The 16th virtual scientific conference of NeuroMaPC

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Neural implant electrodes based on carbon structures

15th Virtual Scientific Conference of Neuromodulation and Pain Research Center

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14th Virtual Scientific Conference of Neurolmodulation and Pain Research Center

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History and course of developments in psychiatric surgery

13th Virtual Scientific Conference of Neuromodulation and Pain Research Center

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Stroke, treatments and challenges

12th Virtual Scientific Conference of Neuromodulation and Pain Research Center

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Advanced Neurological Modulation Surgeries (Movement disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, seizure-epilepsy, pain, urinary incontinence)

Clinical research

Design, management and conduct clinical research to monitor and improve the quality of treatment

Fundamental research

Design, management and conduct fundamental and engineering research to localize neurological modulation technology

Specialized Education

Creating opportunities for neurologists and neurosurgeons to learn about neurological modulation

Research Education

Educating research principles to young researchers towards the center's goals

Public Education

Educate the community to raise awareness and prevent neurological diseases

Our Services

DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery)

This surgical technique could be used to treat Parkinson's disease, Dystonia, Vibration Tremor and some psychiatric disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. Shiraz is a unique referral medical center for this surgery in Iran.

Spinal Stimulator Implantation Surgery

This surgery is useful for patients who have previously undergone spinal surgery and suffer from severe burning pain in the limbs, or diabetic patients with such pain.

Implantation of Spinal Intrathecal Pumps

Patients who receive Morphine or Baclofen via injection due to severe limb pain, especially following malignancy or spinal cord injuries are good candidates to implant this advanced technology.

External stimulus agent

In the treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence, patients who have a relative disorder of urinary and fecal control for various reasons could undergo this surgery to implant this device.

Surgery for epilepsy

Some patients who have not fully recovered despite taking seizure-epilepsy medications may have partial or complete recovery undergoing the most advanced neurosurgeries.

Low-invasive pain treatments

Patients with severe pain in the face, back, or neck with or without transferring to the limbs, who do not respond to conservative treatments, can benefit from the most advanced minimally invasive pain treatments.

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HUGE congratulations! This is indeed a fantastic achievement. Wonderful results and, more importantly, amazing tenacity to ensure the procedure is available to as many Iranian citizens as possible.

Professor Ludvic Zrinzo

UCL Queen Square London Institute of Neurology

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Congratulations for the results of DBS in Shiraz: A proof of the quality and endurance of the team.

Professor Hans Speelman


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I commend the authors for their hard work establishing this DBS program and taking the time and energy to do research in this regard. They have established a center offering top notch care within just a few years.

World Neurosurgery Magazine


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Congratulations! This is a great success

Professor Joachim Krauss

Former Chairman of the World Society of Functional and Stereotypical Neurosurgery...



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