About Us

About Us

The Center for Neural Network and Pulmonary Modulation is the first private clinical research center for Iranian neuroscience research. This research center is based on the successful experience of setting up ultrasound neurologic surgeries for the first time and unique in the region, by a group of specialists in the field of neurology, neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry, radiology, physics and engineering Medicine, rehabilitation and other related fields were founded in 1397. The center strives to provide innovative therapies for neurological modalities on an international scale, to promote research projects in this field in order to monitor technology and localize technology.

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Advanced ultrasound surgery (motor disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, seizure, pain, incontinence)

Clinical research

Design, manage and conduct clinical research to monitor and improve the quality of treatment

Fundamental research

Design, management and implementation of fundamental and engineering projects to localize the technology of neural modulation

Specialized training

Creating an Opportunity for Neurologists and Neurosurgeons to learn about Neural Modulation

Research training

Teaching Research Principles to Young Researchers for the Center's Objectives

public education

Educating the community to increase awareness and prevention of neurological diseases

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Our Services

Brain deep excitation surgery

Treatment of Parkinson's Disease, Dissotonia, Vibration and some psychiatric disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder is possible with this surgical technique. Shiraz is the only center for performing this surgery in southern Iran and one of two active centers in Iran (along with Tehran).

Surgical operation of the spinal stimulus

This surgery is for patients who have already undergone spinal surgery and suffer severe burning pain in the organs, or diabetic patients with such an ailment.

Spinal pump application

For injections of morphine or baclofen, patients with severe pain in the organs, especially when looking for malignancy or spinal cord injury, are a good candidate for the application of this advanced technology.

External stimulus agent

In the treatment of urinary incontinence and stools, patients with multiple disabilities who have a relative disorder of urinary and urinary control can undergo surgery for this device.

Surgery for epilepsy

Some patients who have not been fully recovered despite seizure medications can recover in the most advanced neurosurgeons, either partial or complete.

Low-invasive pain treatments

Patients who have severe facial, lumbar or neck pain with or without dissemination to the organs and do not respond to conservative treatments can benefit from the most advanced, less invasive treatments.

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This is really a great achievement. The amazing results of the surgery and, more importantly, the hard work of your team, in order to ensure as much as possible the availability of this method for Iranian citizens.

Professor Ludvic Zrinzo

UCL Queen Square London Institute of Neurology

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Congratulations on DBS results in Shiraz: Proof of team quality and endurance

Professor Hans Speelman


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The group managed to set up a first-class center in just over a few years

World Neurosurgery Magazine


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Congratulations! This is a great success

Professor Joachim Krauss

Former Chairman of the World Society of Functional and Stereotypical Neurosurgery...

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Parkinson's disease conference in Shiraz

Symposium on Parkinson's disease and its most successful surgical procedure

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The first deep brain stimulation surgery

The successful implementation of the first deep brain stimulation surgery in the treatment of dystrophy

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Deep Electrode Surgery

Surgery for deep brain electrode was performed for Parkinson's patients

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New brain surgery

Perform a new brain surgery at Shiraz Namazai Hospital

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The Superior Award of the Congress of the Association of Neurological Surgeons

The report of the top congressional award for the World Neurological Surgeon Association in 2010

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The Special Award of the Congress of Neurosurgeons in the World

Researcher of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences has won the special prize of the Congress of Neurological and Neurosurgeons in the world.

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