How can researchers share their research ideas with the NeuroMaPC?

The NeuroMaPC welcomes any research or neurological modulation and pain-related ideas. You can download the "Research Ideas" form under the research section (required  forms) of the website. Upon completion, email the form along with your resume to 

If successful, the NeuroMaPC Council will notify you regarding your forthcoming collaboration with the center as a researcher.    

How can researchers submit their project proposal to the NeuroMaPC?

You can download the proposal form under the research section (required forms) of the website. Upon completion, email the form to

The proposals will be reviewed by the NeuroMaPC Council and notify the researchers about the outcome as soon as possible.  The rules and provisions of the law related to research projects is found under the research section (required forms).

How can the NeuroMaPC help the researchers?

The NeuroMaPC is ready to work with researchers (regarding data exchange or using the center's facilities). Researchers can fill in the proposal form under the research section (required forms) and email the form to:

How can researchers be notified about the training programs at the NeuroMaPC?

The dates and subjects of monthly conferences are anounced on the center’s website or social media platforms such as Instagram. Those who wish to be included in the center's notification list can email us at:

What are the NeuroMaPC's main research fields?

As the name implies, neurological modulation and pain management are the main focus of our center. However, we are ready to support any ideas related to neurosurgery, neurology, psychiatry, neuroradiology and fundamental neuroscience. For more information, please visit the research section (research fields) of the website.